Two Cents Radio: Episode #078

-New iPad game
-Steve’s haircut
-What’s Google Chrome?
-Rob’s weekly school rant
-Zombie Apocalypse
-Buy your Two Cents Survival Kit NOW!!
-Rob has never read a book
-High School is pointless
-Why are we talking about masturbation?
-Tim Tebow loses his virginity…FINALLY!!

Two Cents Radio: Episode #077

-Steve’s dead
-Rob’s one night stand
-State Basketball
-Steve’s losing his hair
-Rob’s get rich quick scheme
-Tye’s leaving the country
-Sports talk with Steve & Tye
-March Madness

Two Cents Radio: Episode #076

-State Basketball
-Prego Snooki want Schmoosh Schmoosh
-What does tarnation mean?
-News Bloopers
-Yes, we are talking about politics