Two Cents Radio: Episode #072

-Sams Club
-Tye’s New Pickup
-Pirate English
-Facebook Timeline
-Family Fued Clip
-Tye’s Sound FX
-Animal Noises
-Flogging a Dead Horse
-Metaphore Minute
-Raining Animals…this actually happens?
-Weekly Wikipedia Reading

Two Cents Radio: Episode #071

AFC/NFC Championship Games
Mystery Women
Roberts Casino Story
Conterfit Pennies
Could we get a caller please?
Crystal Light
Steven Tyler’s Shitty National Anthem
Jaimes on the phone!!
A Starfish
Jamies Relationship Troubles
Bleeped Chat Words
Time Zones
Your Top Five List! Make yours today.
Metaphore Minute
The Weekly Wikipedia Reading

Two Cents Radio: Episode #070

-Orlando Jones….Whats he in?
-Robs sense of Humor
-Robin Williams
-Phillip Seymore Hoffman
-Dennis Quaid
-Inspirational Moments
-Black Jack
-Tye’s Date
-Prank Callers on C-Span
-Metaphor Minute
-The Weekly Wikipedia Reading