Two Cents Radio: Episode #049

-Tye Obsession with Blue Mountain State
-STI?? WTF??
-Rob Vents About Work
-Steve’s Computer Almost Died
-UFO’s in Colorado??
-Yahoo! Answer Fail

Two Cents Radio: Episode #048

A show with Tye & Steve
St Patty’s Day
Dog Humping
Bracket Busting
Town Team nose breakers
Emilio Estevez
Price is Right
The Death of Batman’s Butler

Two Cents Radio: Episode #047

-Rob hates crowds and parades
-State Basketball
-Rob’s electric pube shaver
-Crazy Hamster killer
-Michael Vick
-Getting away with murder in a small town
-I don’t remember what else we talked about

Two Cents Radio: Episode #046

-The Number 23
-The good ol’ days of movie night
-No state for us
-Snow Storms
-Steve & Tye’s Sports Talk
-Man drives 40 miles with wife on hood
-McDonalds Commercial
-GREAT political ads
-Need ideas for a movie episode