Two Cents Radio: Episode #040

-Live Episode
-Steve’s Interterm Class
-Ozzy Show
-Dane Cook trip
-The Human Centipede
-Kevin Bacon
-Urban Dictionary Word
-Yahoo! Answer Fail
-Starship Troopers

Two Cents Radio: Episode #038

-Greatest year of our lives 2011
-6 days, 7 nights
-Who the hell is Ann Heche
-Debate Censored Huck Finn
-The Israel vulture spy
-U.K. about the bird
-The Jesse Ventura show
-Hot Fox News broadcaster
-Erin Andrews naked
-Red bracelet period
-Text message ringers
-Ring tone songs
-Brandon Frasier
-Disney hates Netflix
-Disney’s first movies
-21 hours sex footage of j-low
-Mozart bananas
-Omaha shooting
-Mistaking house tear down

Two Cents Radio: Episode #037

Tye in studio while Steve needs a few weeks off, hopefully Steve will listen and do shownotes for us!! haha!