Two Cents Radio: Episode #020

A show without Steve!! We miss ya Steve, but we have an excellent co-host for this show!!

Two Cents Radio: Episode #019 – Tremors 2 Movie

Rob & Steve’s commentary of the DVD version of Tremors 2. Have your DVD of Tremors 2 ready to go while you listen to this podcast!

Two Cents Radio: Episode #018 – Tremors Movie

This is our episode where we commentate on the the Tremors movie. Have your DVD copy of Tremors ready when you listen to this episode!

Two Cents Radio: Episode #016

Tremors 1 & 2
What if Robs boss really know what he was like
Paris Hilton
Do chicks really like seeing guys naked?
Catholic Cock Talk
Brett Favre
Yahoo Answer Fail Questions of the night!
Mel Gibson remix phone call