Two Cents Radio: Episode #005

Cleaning Rob’s gutters
Aunt Kim
Rob’s Mom
Rivalry of Local Schools
News bloopers

Two Cents Radio: Episode #004

Steve and Rob do their second show of the week. We promise show notes coming up in future episodes….. Thats Steve’s job, by the way!! haha

Two Cents Radio: Episode #003

New co-host in studio. Rob & Steve start out as hosts of Two Cents Radio…. our first show together, hope you enjoy it. We talk about a ton of random things.

Coming Back….

Well…to everyone who is wondering, Two Cents Radio will be back, however, Tye will not be my trusty sidekick/co-host anymore. Because of his summer work schedule, he will be working some very strange hours, and has decided to make life a little less stressful for himself, that something needed to give, and unfortunately, he has decided that he would pass the torch to Steve.

Steve is another best friend of mine, and will be taking the seat across from me in the studio. He is also new to podcasting scene, but he will do a great job. We will be working all summer long, bringing you the latest in our lives and hopefully make you laugh along the way. Steve & I will be recording our first show together early next week. See ya then!