Two Cents Radio: Episode #002

Tye and Rob talk about their night at Prom and a few other strange things….we were very tired during this show, and you will find out why!

Two Cents Radio: Show #001

Tye & Rob’s first official episode of Two Cents Radio.

Two Cents Radio: Show #000

Our first test show before Episode #1. Tye & Rob talk about the future of the show, with no music, nothing fancy!

Coming Soon

Coming soon, our new show with Tye & Rob…Tye is a new guy to the podcasting/webcasting scene, but you may know me from RFF Reality TV Podcast ( Tye & I are good friends who have decided to start our own show talking about the News, the World around us and just our lives in general.

We are both looking forward to starting our show, and will record the first show in the next few weeks, as with RFFRadio, we will start doing live shows as well, after we have a few recorded shows under our belt.

Hope to see you back soon, after we do our first show.